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Seal strips are essential to seal gaps and prevent leaks in equipment and machinery. The typical materials used for these seal strips are rubber, silicone, or foam. Seal strips play an essential role in protecting and supporting equipment. It ensures an efficient and smooth operation. However, based on different criteria, the manufacturer can customize seal strips. These criteria include temperature, pressure, and other environmental factors. Custom weather stripping services are widespread in every seal strip factory.

Custom weather stripping is necessary in case of special sealing to fit specific equipment or machinery. It comes with the exact measurement according to the precise specifications of the equipment. As a result, it makes them fit perfectly into the projected application. Therefore, these customized seal strips provide excellent flexibility. However, customized seal strips are critical as businesses look for cost-effective solutions. Keeping that importance in mind, we prepared this article.

This article will highlight the fundamentals of custom weather stripping. It will elaborate on why custom weather stripping is necessary for every manufacturing industry. Moreover, it will also discuss how to apply customized seal strips in a factory. This article will help you understand the necessity and procedures of custom weather stripping.

What is Custom Weather Stripping? How Do You Apply For It?

Custom weather stripping is a specialized product that fits specific equipment or machinery. Similar to the standard seal strips, these custom door seals seal gaps and prevent leaks. They also provide protection and support to the equipment. The specialty of this type of weather stripping is its bespoke sizes. It fits the exact dimensions and contours of the equipment or machinery. However, the ultimate goal of customized seal strips is to ensure a perfect fit for unique applications.

You can customize the composition and shape of the weather stripping based on different factors. These factors may include extreme temperatures, pressures, and other environmental factors. However, you can choose the type of material for weather stripping. Rubber, silicone, and foam are the most common custom weather stripping materials. Due to its wide range of benefits, customized seal strips are famous in many industries. Automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial are commonplace for custom orders. We will learn more about their applications in the later section of this article. Before that, let’s see the general procedure of applying for custom weather stripping at a rubber factory.

  1. Contact the factory
  2. Submit your specifications to the factory
  3. Submit related designs and drawings of the seal strip.
  4. Review and approve a prototype
  5. Place an order
  6. Inspect and test

It is important to note that different rubber factories may offer other procedures. But in most factories, these are the general steps of applying for custom weather stripping production. Seashore Rubber provides all types of services you require for customized seal strip production. These services include designing, prototyping, CAD Models, etc.

How is Custom Weather Stripping Used?

Custom weather stripping is prevalent in applications where a tight seal is essential. It is a flexible solution to increase energy efficiency, lessen noise, or maintain the original architecture of a building. Following are some specific applications and uses of custom weather stripping.

  • Historic Buildings: The standard rubber seal strips can not meet the requirements of this architecture. You can design custom weather stripping to fit these buildings’ unique shapes and sizes.
  • Unique Equipment, such as medical and laboratories, may require customized seal strips. In some cases, government projects also require custom-size seal strips for the needed tasks.
  • Industrial Applications: Factories, warehouses, and other industrial structures are the typical application places. In these sectors, costs and energy efficiency are the primary considerations.
  • High-Traffic Areas: Custom weather stripping is prevalent to reduce air and noise infiltration. Doors and windows in public buildings, schools, and hospitals are popular places for application.
  • Energy-efficient Homes: You can use a custom-size seal strip in new and existing houses. It improves energy efficiency and reduces costs. Mainly, old homes with irregular shapes are commonplace applications.
  • Marine Applications: Boats, ships, and other watercraft may require custom weather stripping. They need it to prevent water and air infiltration. However, it provides the comfort and safety of the crafts.
  • Automotive Applications: Custom automotive weather stripping is also famous for sealing automotive. The ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency and performance of automobiles. It reduces fuel consumption and emissions.
custom weather stripping

What Are The Advantages of Using Custom Weather Stripping?

Weather stripping or rubber seal strips are the essential components of various structures. These may include building construction, large machinery, containers, ships, or airplanes. However, it seals the gaps and cracks around the doors and windows. The ultimate goal is to prevent air and water infiltration. However, typical weather stripping products are widely available in your nearby selling points. On the other hand, custom weather stripping depends on the type of unique application. As a result, it provides a wide range of benefits and advantages.

In this section, we will explore the advantages of using custom weather stripping. We will highlight the key benefits that make it an ideal choice for various applications.

Custom-fit For Unique Applications

One of the key advantages of using custom weather stripping is its ability to fit the particular needs of a unique application. As mentioned, a custom-size seal strip is prevalent for irregularly shaped openings. It meets the specific requirements of a particular industry or application. However, marine applications use custom weather stripping to prevent water and air infiltration. It provides comfort and safety to the watercraft. High-traffic areas, historical buildings, specialized chambers, laboratories, etc., also require customized seal strips.

However, a typical weather-stripping product can not seal such unique applications. It fails to fulfill the requirements of the mentioned sectors. Therefore, you must go for custom-made rubber seal strips for these applications. Hence, every rubber factory offers customized production solutions for its customers. You can follow the general steps we discussed in the first section.

Improved Performance And Efficiency

Custom weather stripping provides improved performance and efficiency compared to standard seals. It is one of the critical advantages of using custom-size seal strip products. It seals the gaps and cracks tightly and precisely to reduce air and water infiltration. Ultimately, it improves overall energy efficiency. Custom-size seal strips are essential for buildings that are poorly sealed. It is important to note that approximately 30% of a building’s energy loss is due to being poorly sealed.

In addition, a custom-size seal strip meets other requirements, such as fire resistance. It provides the best performance in challenging applications. Industrial environments require tight seals to prevent dust, debris, and harmful chemicals. In this case, a custom-size seal strip is vital to the facility’s overall efficiency.

Enhanced Durability And Longevity

Custom weather stripping provides enhanced durability and longevity compared to typical seals. It is especially applicable to meet specific requirements. In various environmental conditions, custom-size seal strip withstands challenging situations. As a result, it ensures durability and a long-lasting solution.

A custom-size seal strip can be applied to resist the effects of extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and moisture. It makes the equipment usable in harsh outdoor environments. It is essential for buildings in coastal regions. Salt and humidity can cause typical rubber seal strips to deteriorate quickly. Besides, they are also prevalent in other challenging situations, such as high-traffic areas. As a result, it reduces the need for frequent maintenance and replacement. Ultimately, it provides enhanced durability and longevity.

Custom Design And Production

Custom Design And Production

It is the most important advantage of using custom weather stripping. Custom design and production allow you to select a wide range of choices. As a result, you can customize your product according to your specific needs. Ultimately, it ensures improved performance and efficiency of the equipment or application.

Custom design and production mean you can create seals for specific specifications such as size, shape, and color. On the other hand, the ability to produce seals in custom shapes and sizes makes it unique and applicable to challenging situations. In this case, a standard sea strip may not be suitable.

In the case of designing flexibility, custom-size seal strip provides other benefits. For example, you can customize your weather stripping from various materials. The materials list includes silicone, neoprene, EPDM, and PVC. This ability to select the material ensures that the rubber seal strips used in the application are the best fit.


In the above discussion, we covered the advantages of using customized seal strips:

  1. Custom-fit for unique applications explains the specialty of these rubber seal strips. You can customize your required rubber seal strips based on specific requirements.
  2. Custom-size seal strips improve performance and efficiency compared to typical seals. Since they are ideal for challenging situations, they ensure the application’s durability.
  3. Custom design and production give you a list of choices from which you can choose the best fit.

As a result, you can ultimately ensure your projects’ overall performance, efficiency, and cost.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about custom weather stripping services. We hope you will find the best solution from there.

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