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PVC Strip

We are a professional PVC strip manufacturer. The main component of the PVC strip is polyvinyl chloride. In addition, it adds other ingredients. Such as plasticizers to enhance heat resistance, toughness, and flexibility. PVC strip is easy to shape, recyclable, and can be reused. Secondly, PVC extrusion strips can be bent, achieve shapes that other materials cannot, and have a novel appearance. PVC strip has various specifications, colors, and patterns and is very decorative. It is one of the most widely used decorative materials in plastic materials.

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PVC Seal Strip Features


PVC strips are very soft and flexible. It is easy to bend and adapt to various shapes. So it can be easily installed in different applications.


PVC seal strips are usually transparent, providing a clear view. It is therefore suitable for environments where visibility needs to be maintained.


The PVC sealing strip has sound insulation and isolation properties. It can be used to reduce noise transmission and block airflow, providing good insulation.


PVC is a durable material. PVC sealing strips are chemical-resistant, weather-resistant, and abrasion-resistant.

PVC Strip Applications

The PVC strip is a versatile material. It provides protection, isolation, sound insulation, and other functions. It is suitable for various industries and places. The following are the applications of PVC sealing strips.

Cold Storage And Freezer Storage

PVC strips are used to make cold storage doors or freezer doors. It blocks the inflow of cold air while maintaining visibility.

Industrial Doors

As part of industrial doors, PVC sealing strips can reduce noise, block dust, and help maintain temperature.

Food Processing Plants

PVC seal strips can be used to separate different areas to prevent cross-contamination. It also provides a clear vision.

Workshop Isolation

A PVC seal strip is used for isolation inside the workshop. This controls temperature, and blocks dust, noise, and other environmental influences.

Supermarket Refrigerated Cabinets

PVC sealing strip is used for door curtains of supermarket refrigerated cabinets. It helps maintain a refrigerated environment while allowing customers free access.

Heat Treatment Equipment

PVC strips are used to protect and insulate heat treatment equipment. It can help maintain a stable temperature in your work area.

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Why Choose Us As Your PVC Strip Manufacturer

Production Experience

Seashore Rubber has extensive experience in PVC strip production. We fully understand the process and technical points of PVC strip manufacturing.
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We provide customized PVC strip products. Seashore Rubber can meet customer-specific size, shape, color, and other requirements.
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Seashore Rubber implements a strict quality control system. We can ensure that the PVC strips we produce follow relevant international and industry standards to ensure product quality.
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FAQs About PVC Strips

Yes. Seashore Rubber offers custom PVC strips. Customers can choose customized products based on specific sizes, shapes, colors, and other requirements.

Some PVC strips are UV-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. However, specific suitability depends on the design and manufacture of the product.

Installing PVC strips is usually a simple process. They can be mounted on the door frame or door via hooks, hanging beams, or other fixtures. Some PVC strips also come with a quick installation system, making installation more convenient.