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TPV Extrusion Strip

TPV is a dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer rubber. It successfully combines some properties of vulcanized rubber with those of thermoplastics. TPV materials are used in automobiles, construction, home appliances, medical equipment, and other fields. The TPV extrusion strip is the most widely used in automobiles. Such as car dust cover, sealing strip, and fender. The TPV extrusion strip has aging, ultraviolet, and weather resistance characteristics. So it can be used outdoors for a long time.

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What is TPV

TPV is Thermoplastic Vulcanizate. It is a type of elastic material with thermoplastic properties. TPV is usually a mixture of rubber and plastic phases. The rubbery phase gives the material elasticity and softness. The plastic phase provides thermoplasticity and processability.

TPV Seals Features

Thermoplastic Properties

TPV is thermoplastic. Therefore it is easier to handle during the extrusion process. This means that within a certain temperature range, TPV can be heated and cooled many times without permanent deformation.

Elasticity And Softness

Due to the rubber phase of TPV, extruded products usually have good elasticity and softness. This makes them suitable for applications requiring rubber-like properties.


TPV generally exhibits better weather resistance. It has good resistance to external environmental factors such as UV rays, oxygen and humidity.

Chemische Beständigkeit

TPV has good resistance to many chemicals. This makes it stable for use in a variety of industrial environments.

TPV Extrusion Strip Applications

The characteristics of TPV Extrusion make it a versatile material. It is suitable for the manufacturing needs of many industries. In application, specific engineering requirements and performance requirements will determine the specific model and configuration of TPV materials.


TPV Extrusion is widely used in the automotive industry. Especially in the manufacture of components. Such as automotive seals, fenders, rubber parts, and pipe seals.

Konstruktion und Baumaterialien

Because TPV is weather-resistant and chemical-resistant, it can be used to make building seals, door and window seals, etc.


In electronics, TPV Extrusion can be used to make cable jackets, connectors, and other flexible components.

Consumer Products

TPV can also be used in the production of consumer products, such as handles, hoses, hoses, etc.

Industrielle Dichtungen

Due to its superior elasticity and durability, TPV Extrusion is also widely used in areas such as manufacturing industrial seals and gaskets.