Car Window Seal Strips : A Basic Guide

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Seashore Rubber Company manufactures seal strips of a great collection based on different types and applications. The car window seal is one of the popular products from this company. Besides, they also manufacture other seal strip types for vehicles. Rubber seal strips Fundamentals is the introductory article introducing the types of seal strips we manufacture….

Seal Strips vs Rubber Gaskets

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Both seal strips and gaskets are essential parts of every mechanical construction. Starting from small machinery to large buildings need rubber strips and gaskets. But sometimes, we misunderstand between rubber strips and gaskets due to lack of experience. So, this article aims to differentiate between seal strips and rubber gaskets. We will introduce different shapes,…

Top 10 Seal Strip Manufacturers

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Seal strip Ultimate guide already explained how and why seal strips are essential in most of the fields in our daily life. Therefore, in this article, we won’t go for the fundamentals of seal strips. This article describes the world’s top 10 most popular seal strip manufacturers. As we know, seal strips are widely popular,…

Rubber Seal Strips Fundamentals

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A seal strip is a necessary part of many applications found on different occasions in our daily life. Starting from our living place, vehicles, office, and industries, all area needs this seal strip. Sea Shore Rubber plays a significant role in sincerely manufacturing these essential parts. Keeping that importance in mind, making useful content for…

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Rubber can be divided into natural rubber, general rubber, Styrene-butadiene, nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, polybutadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, Ethylene propylene rubber, neoprene several categories. They are widely used in all aspects of industry or life. Natural rubber is a tree sap made from the rubber trees of tropical countries. The synthetic rubber is a synthetic…