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Weather Strips for Windows E P D I Profile

Different shapes are suitable for different windows. Window weather stripping relies on the excellent elastic properties of EPDM to connect the window profile with the glass. According to the basic principle of equal pressure design of energy-saving doors and windows, it plays the role of sealing and equal pressure. It plays a vital role in improving the airtightness, water tightness, and sound insulation of doors and windows. What are the benefits of using EPDM as window weather stripping?

  • Anti-UV.
  • Weather resistance, heat aging resistance.
  • Ozone resistance, low-temperature resistance.
  • Water resistance, electrical insulation.

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Features of Weather Stripping For Windows

Weather Resistance

Weather strips for windows usually need to have good weather resistance. This maintains stable performance in different seasons and adverse weather conditions.

Aging Resistance

Weather window strips need to be able to resist aging that may be caused by long-term use and exposure to ultraviolet rays.


One of the main functions of window weather strips is to be waterproof. Therefore, it needs to have certain waterproof performance to prevent rainwater from penetrating.

Sound Insulation Effect

Windows weather stripping requires a sound insulation function. This can effectively reduce the transmission of outdoor noise and improve indoor comfort.

Why Choose Us Window Weather Strip Manufacturer

Rich Experience

Seashore Rubber has extensive experience in the field of weather window strips. We have expertise in designing, producing, and supplying high-quality window weather strips.
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Customized Solutions

Our company provides customized windows weather stripping solutions. We can design and manufacture according to our customer's specific needs. This can meet the requirements of different window types and application scenarios.
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Premium Materials And Manufacturing Processes

All our weather strippings for windows are made of high-quality materials and use advanced manufacturing processes. This ensures that the weather window strip has excellent weather resistance, elasticity, and waterproof properties.
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FAQs About Window Weather Strips

A window weather strip is a sealing strip used on windows. It is used to prevent the penetration of air, moisture, noise, and dust. It is usually installed on the edge of the window frame to provide extra sealing.

Weather stripping for windows usually uses rubber, PVC, silicone, and other materials. The material chosen depends on environmental conditions, durability requirements, and window type.

Installing window weather strips is usually done by pasting, inserting, or other simple methods. Specific installation methods may vary by manufacturer and product. They will provide installation instructions.