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Qingdao Seashore Industrial Co., Ltd is a rubber sealing strip manufacturer that produces various seal strips. Our products include marine window rubber seals, glass window rubber seal strips, and car window rubber strips. Since its establishment in 2000, it has been committed to the rubber and plastic sealing industry. As a rubber strip manufacturer, we also provide sealing and vibration damping systems solutions for global customers. Contact one of the most professional rubber extrusion manufacturers and learn more.

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Rubber Extrusion Manufacturing Process

  • Material Preparation: Choose the appropriate rubber material. It is usually a polymer with good elasticity and abrasion resistance, such as styrene-butadiene rubber (NBR), ethylene-propylene rubber (EPDM), etc.
  • Extruder Settings: Adjust parameters such as the extruder’s temperature, pressure, and speed. This ensures that the material receives proper heat and pressure during extrusion.
  • Pressing and Preheating: The rubber material is placed in the hopper of the extruder. Feed through the screw while heating and melting the material in the preheating zone.
  • Die Design And Installation: Design and manufacture the appropriate extrusion die according to the required sealing strip size and shape. Install the die on the extruder, ensuring it is properly adjusted and centered.
  • Extrusion Process: Push the preheated rubber material from the outlet of the extruder into the mold and apply proper pressure. The rubber is passed through a mold to form the desired weatherstrip shape. During extrusion, the rubber passes through a cooling zone to solidify.
  • Cutting And Handling: The extruded weatherstrip is cut to the appropriate length. Subsequent processing steps, such as edge deburring, surface treatment, or processing unique shapes, may be required as needed.
  • Inspection And Quality Control: Extruded weatherstrips are inspected to ensure they meet size, appearance, and performance specifications. The necessary quality control measures are carried out to ensure stable product quality.
  • Packaging And Shipping: Extrude the finished rubber into sealing strips for packaging. Label and sort according to customer needs, ready to ship to customers.

More Than 20 Year Rubber Extrusion Manufacturing Experience

As a rubber sealing strip manufacturer, we have more than 20 years of rubber extrusion seal strip manufacturing experience. Our customers are located in more than 50 countries. We have advanced production facilities and precise detail control. So we have achieved 100% customer satisfaction.

Wide Applications of Rubber Sealing Strip

Window Seal & Door Seal Strip

A sealing strip is necessary for sound insulation, wind protection, or dust and insect protection. Whether it is door seal strips or window sealing, they are made of durable rubber or PVC. It can help our customers solve problems quickly.

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Car Window Seal & Car Door Seal

A car door rubber seal can be soundproof, leak-proof, and weatherproof, improving driving safety. A durable car window seal provides high protection for your car.

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Seal Strip For Rail Vehicle

A marine weather strip with good aging resistance is critical. Seals are rarely replaced frequently. Good oxidation resistance helps to improve the service life of the sealing strip. Even after long-term use, it can ensure a good use effect.

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Why Choose Us, A Rubber Extrusion Manufacturer

As a China rubber extrusion company, we aim to make customers 100% satisfied. It has allowed us to grow from a one-product company into a progressive organization. And we have achieved world-class, high-quality rubber seal strips for various fields.

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