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Garage Door Seal

A garage door seal, also known as a garage door weatherstripping. It is a rubber or vinyl material mounted onto the garage door’s top, sides, and edge. Garage door rubber seals are used to offer a tight seal. They can prevent water, dust, rain, and insects from entering the garage through the gap between the garage door and the floor. They can keep the garage clean, dry, and comfortable. Garage door seals also help save on your power bills by keeping heat inside all year round.

Seashore Rubber is a reliable garage door rubber seal manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. We can supply various garage door weatherstripping products in different shapes, sizes, and materials to our global customers. Seashore Rubber always supports your business until you find the best garage door seals that meet your needs. If you have any questions, please ask us for a quote.

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Different Types of Garage Door Seals

  • Garage door bottom seal
  • Garage door weather seal
  • Garage door side seal
  • Garage door threshold seal
  • Garage door trim seal
  • Garage door floor seal
  • Garage door panel weatherstripping

Features of Garage Door Rubber Seal

Rubber garage door seals provide the following key features. They make them a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

  • Excellent flexibility and durability
  • Excellent abrasion, weathering, and UV resistance
  • Exceptional sealing properties
  • Good noise reduction and sound insulation performance
  • Easy installation and handling

Applications of Rubber Garage Door Seals

Garage door seals are suitable for several applications. Such as household garages, commercial and industrial facilities, food processing equipment, workshops, warehouses, and loading docks.

Benefits of Garage Door Seals

  1. Reduce energy loss and save on power bills.
  2. Keep cold air out and warm air inside the garage all year round.
  3. Keep the garage clean, tight, and comfortable.
  4. Prevent water, debris, leaves, and insects from entering the garage, and avoid damage.
  5. Keep insects and rodents out to decrease damage to the garage.
  6. Save time on cleaning the garage and allow you to spend more time on other things you love.

Manufacturing Process of Garage Door Seal

Garage door seals are typically made from rubber, vinyl, or other flexible materials. They are designed to provide a secure seal around the edges and bottom of garage doors. The garage door seal manufacturing process involves several steps. Including material selection, extrusion or molding, cutting, and sometimes extra treatments or processes.

Why Choose Us As Your Garage Door Seal Manufacturer?

  • Advanced Technology: Our factory uses cutting-edge manufacturing technology. It can ensure that all garage door rubber seals are manufactured per industry standards and meet customer satisfaction.
  • Custom Service: We can customize garage door seals according to customer requirements and specifications.
  • Exceptional Manufacturing Capabilities: We have been in the industry of garage door seals for more than 10 years. It allows us to know more about the market trend. So we can manufacture garage door weatherstripping products that meet customers’ needs. In the end, offer the best garage door seals for customers across the globe.


A garage door seal is also known as a weather seal or bottom seal. It is a component installed on the top, side, and bottom of a garage door. It provides a tight seal between the garage door and the floor. It can prevent the entry of unwanted elements such as dust, dirt, water, pests, and drafts.

Our garage door seals are made of high-quality EPDM synthetic rubber that can typically last for several years depending on factors. Such as frequency of usage, exposure to weather conditions, and maintenance.

  • J-Type seal: It’s a “J” shape door seal specially designed to install at the bottom of the garage door.
  • T-Type seal – It is the most popular bottom seal on the market.
  • Bulb seals – It features a T-shaped top and a circular bottom.

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