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TPE Extrusion Strip

TPE materials have many excellent properties. TPE strip has not only high elasticity but also excellent characteristics of plastic. It has a broad hardness range and is environmentally friendly. It is usually used in doors and windows, furniture, and cars. TPE extrusion strips can play the role of sealing, sound insulation, and heat insulation. Next, let’s talk about the advantages of TPE strips:

  • High and low-temperature resistance, -30°C-70°C.
  • Odorless and environmentally friendly. TPE strip does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals.
  • High production efficiency and simple processing.
  • TPE extrusion strip has a long service life and can be recycled.

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What is TPE Material

TPE is Thermoplastic Elastomer. TPE is a special type of elastic plastic. It has rubber-like elastic properties. At the same time, TPE has the processability of thermoplastics. This material has found success in a wide range of applications. Because it combines the advantages of rubber and plastic.

TPE edge trim

TPE Extrusion Features

Elasticity And Flexibility

TPE itself has rubber-like elasticity and flexibility. Products processed through extrusion can therefore also possess these properties.

Weather Resistance

TPE usually has good weather resistance. It is resistant to UV rays, climate change, and other external environmental factors.

Vibration-absorbing Properties

The elasticity of TPE extrusion gives it superior vibration-absorbing properties in some applications. This helps reduce vibration and noise.

Color And Appearance Adjustability

TPE can be adjusted in appearance and performance by adding color and other additives. This can meet specific design requirements.

TPE Extrusion Applications

TPE Extrusion refers to the processing of thermoplastic elastomers into products of various shapes through the extrusion process. Extrusion is a common plastic processing method. The material is heated to a plastic state. The required cross-sectional shape is formed through the die of the extrusion machine. The following are applications of TPE Extrusion.

Seals And Pipe Fitting

TPE Extrusion is commonly used in the production of seals, pipes, and other sealing products. Because they provide superior elastic sealing properties.

Cable Sheathing

TPE Extrusion is used in the manufacture of cable sheathing. Because they have good chemical and environmental resistance.

Auto Parts

Because TPE has good elasticity and weather resistance, it is widely used in the automotive industry. For example, manufacturing seals, windshield wipers, hoses, etc.

Pipes And Pipe Connections

TPE Extrusion is suitable for the production of flexible pipes and pipe connections. Because it has good durability and plasticity.

Medical Devices

In the medical industry, TPE Extrusion can be used to manufacture soft medical device parts. Such as pipes, seals, etc.

FAQs About TPE Extrusion Strip

Some TPE products are recyclable. This helps reduce environmental impact. This depends on the formulation of the material and whether recyclable processing facilities are available.

The advantages of TPE Extrusion include cost-effectiveness, high production efficiency, material recyclability, good chemical stability, and suitability for a variety of shapes and uses.

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