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Automotive Rubber Seal Strips Supplier

EPDM seal strips for automotive applications are installed on the auto doors and windows. They can protect against weather damage. Automotive seal strips include car front and rear doors, pinchweld, and trunk. They are made of durable PVC plastic trim combined with an EPDM sponge rubber bulb seal. EPDM heavy truck rubber seal is one of the popular products. Automotive rubber seals are another popular product.

We can custom weather seals in a wide variety of bulb sizes according to your requirements. For different parts, we provide custom car door rubber seals, solid, and sponge rubber. For different car doors, we supply custom seal strips to help clients finish installing work. We also help clients resolve other problems with seal strips.

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Features of Auto Rubber Seals

Weather Resistance

Auto rubber seals are designed to withstand exposure to various weather conditions. Including rain, snow, and UV radiation. The materials used are often resistant to degradation caused by sunlight and temperature extremes.


One of the primary functions of rubber seals is to create a waterproof barrier. They prevent water from entering the vehicle's interior. They can protect the occupants and the vehicle's interior components from water damage.

Noise Reduction

Automotive rubber strips contribute to reducing noise levels inside the vehicle by creating a tight seal. It can minimize the penetration of external sounds. This enhances the overall comfort and driving experience.

Flexibility And Elasticity

Rubber seals are chosen for their flexibility and elasticity. These properties allow the seals to conform to the contours of the vehicle's opening. Ensures a tight and effective seal even when the vehicle is moving and vibrating.

Why Choose Us As Your Automotive Rubber Seals Supplier

Technological Innovation

The company continues to conduct research and development and technological innovation. We introduce advanced manufacturing technology and production processes. This ensures that products have industry-leading performance and quality.

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Quality Control System

All our products install strict quality control system. Every link from raw material procurement to production and manufacturing is strictly monitored and tested. We can ensure a consistent level of high quality in the products delivered to our customers.

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Customer Service

Seashore Rubber automotive rubber seals supplier provides excellent customer service. Including timely technical support, after-sales service, and solutions. We build long-term relationships with our customers, meeting their needs and exceeding expectations.

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FAQs About Automotive Rubber Seals

The installation process will vary depending on the location. But generally speaking, rubber seals are inserted into specific notches or edges to ensure a good seal. Installation may need specialized tools. You need to follow the vehicle manufacturer's guidelines.

Maintenance usually includes regular cleaning of the seals to remove dirt and impurities. Rubber maintenance agents can be used at the same time. This helps keep the rubber soft and weather-resistant.

Lifespan can be affected by many factors. Including usage environment, frequent door and window opening and closing times, and sun and rain exposure. Generally speaking, high-quality rubber seals will last for several years. However, it may need to be replaced after prolonged use.

Some auto rubber seals are custom-made to fit the size and design of a specific car model. Others may come in standard sizes to fit many car models. When replacing seals, it's best to choose a product that meets the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.