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Neoprene Rubber Strips

The neoprene rubber strip is a versatile rubber material with excellent sealing performance. Neoprene strips have good oil resistance and chemical stability. Neoprene seal can remain flexible and durable in an extensive temperature range. Neoprene rubber sealing strips also have good physical and mechanical properties at high or low temperatures.

Seashore Rubber is a leading China neoprene rubber strip manufacturer. We provide comprehensive sealing solutions for global customers. We can offer a wide array of neoprene rubber strips, neoprene rubber gaskets, neoprene rubber extrusions, adhesive backing neoprene rubber strips, and solid neoprene strips in various sizes, thicknesses, and densities. All our neoprene sealing strips are manufactured per industry standards to meet customer requirements.

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Manufacturing Process of Neoprene Rubber Strips

Neoprene rubber, known as polychloroprene or CR, is manufactured through polymerized chloroprene rubber. Chloroprene can create polychloroprene fragments by integrating the chemical reaction between the atoms and molecules.

Neoprene Strips Features

  • Exceptional sealing and insulation capabilities against water, air, and dust.
  • Excellent oil, chemical, and UV resistance.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Good flexibility and durability.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and heat.

Categories of Neoprene Rubber Strips

  • Neoprene seals
  • Neoprene rubber gaskets
  • Neoprene weather stripping
  • Adhesive Backed Neoprene Strip
  • D shaped solid neoprene rubber seals
  • Neoprene rubber extrusions
  • Solid neoprene strips

Applications of Neoprene Rubber Strips

Neoprene rubber sealing strips offer a watertight and airtight seal for applications requiring contact with oil and petrochemicals. Neoprene strips are commonly used in various applications and industries. Such as automotive, construction, aerospace, medical, industrial equipment, consumer products, etc.

Automotive Industry

Neoprene strips are widely used in the automotive industry for the manufacture of seals, rubber gaskets, suspension system parts, etc.

Construction And Building Materials

Neoprene sealing strips are often used to make sealing strips for doors, windows, roofs, etc.

Electrical Industry

Neoprene strips are used to manufacture wire and cable insulation materials, insulation covers for electrical connectors, etc.

Industrial Sealing

Neoprene strips are widely used in the manufacture of sealing rings, sealing gaskets, vibration isolation components, etc.

Why Choose Us As Your Neoprene Rubber Strip Manufacturer?

High-Quality Rubber Materials

We use premium rubber materials to keep our neoprene sealing strips manufactured, reliable, and quality assured. So you can trust us.

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Bespoke Service

We offer bespoke neoprene rubber strip services according to customers' different requirements and specifications. You can tell us the size and color you need.

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Rich Expertise

We have been in the industry of neoprene rubber sealing strips for more than 10 years. So we can comprehend customer requests and meet the market's needs.

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On-time Delivery

We can prioritize orders from customers, put them into production, and deliver the finished products by air express as soon as possible. Once the goods are shipped, we will track the status and follow every step until customers receive the goods.

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Shipping And Logistics of Neoprene Rubber Strip

The shipping and logistics selected vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the goods. Normally, we will deliver orders by air service (DHL, UPS, FedEx, or other express designated by customers) and send you a notice before the order is shipped out. Once the goods are shipped, we will let you know the tracking number so you can track the shipment status every step of the way. After you receive the order, please check the goods first to ensure they are in perfect condition. If the goods are unfortunately damaged or broken, please feel free to contact us.

FAQs About Neoprene Sealing Strips

What is Neoprene Rubber?

Neoprene rubber, a versatile material, is called chloroprene rubber (CR). It is mostly used in various applications requiring chemical resistance and weather.

What Temperature Can Neoprene Rubber Work in?

Neoprene rubber performs well at temperature range from-40°F to 250°F (-40℃ to 121℃).

Do Your Company Offer Bespoke Service?

We can manufacture bespoke products in different colors, shapes, and specifications according to customers’ samples or drawings. Please feel free to ask for a quote from us.