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Rubber Bumpers And Fenders

A rubber fender is also known as a rubber bumper. It is a rubber part mounted on various types of vehicles, vessels, or surfaces of objects. A rubber fender is a type of rubber bumper protector or guard. It is widely used in the marine and automotive industry to prevent friction, vibration, and damage if there are collisions or impacts. Seashore Rubber is a leading and reliable rubber fender manufacturer in China. Our rubber bumpers and fenders are made from high-quality rubber compounds. It has excellent flexibility, durability, and weathering resistance. As a rubber fender manufacturer, we have proudly supplied our global customers with high-quality rubber fenders in desired shapes and sizes for many years. We welcome your inquiry and are happy to answer any doubt.

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Advantages of Our Rubber Bumpers

  • Superior flexibility and durability;
  • Cost-effective with longer service life;
  • Excellent resistance to friction, vibration, abrasion, etc.;
  • Good weathering resistance to withstand extreme environmental conditions;
  • Low maintenance, and extended service life;
  • Ease of installation and handling.
  • Working temperature ranges from -15°C to +70°C

Applications of Rubber Bumpers

Rubber bumpers are highly versatile for a wide range of applications. They are commonly used in the automobile industry and within the marine industry on vessels, boats, ships, loading docks, piers, cruises, and private yachts.

Types of Rubber Fenders

We offer a variety of rubber fenders and bumpers in different shapes and sizes. They are a D-shaped fender, a P-shaped fender, a square, an arch-shaped fender, etc. D Fenders are the frequently used rubber fender type in the marine industry on boats, ships, vessels, etc.

Importance of Marine Rubber Fenders

Marine rubber fenders also referred to as marine bumpers, are specifically designed to protect the ports and vessels from damage caused by collision with other vessels and ports. Marine fenders can offer a buffering effect for vessels to avoid damage. They have excellent resistance to weathering and are widely used in extreme weather conditions and harsh outdoor applications.

Why Choose Us As Your Rubber Fender Manufacturer

  1. Advanced Technology: We use cutting-edge rubber bumper manufacturing technology to ensure all rubber bumpers and fenders are manufactured in line with industry standards and meet customer satisfaction.
  2. Custom Service: We offer custom rubber bumper services according to our global customers' different requirements and specifications.
  3. Rich Expertise: We have been in the industry of rubber bumpers for more than 10 years. Our highly skilled team is always here to help you tackle any issues you may encounter in the everyday use of the products.
  4. On-time Delivery: We will prioritize orders from customers, put them into production, and deliver the finished products by air express as soon as possible. Once the goods are shipped, we will update you with the tracking number, track the status, and follow every step of the shipment until the goods are successfully delivered to our customers.


How Are Rubber Bumpers Manufactured?

The rubber fenders are manufactured through the rubber extrusion process. This process is finished by pushing the rubber through a die and molding it into the desired shape.

How Often Should I Replace The Rubber Bumper?

Rubber fenders are generally replaced every 10 years. But it all depends on the application and environment that it is used. We suggest you inspect the rubber fender regularly to check its working condition and maintain it ASAP to extend the service life.