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Rubber Edge Trim

Rubber edge trim, also known as edge trim or trim seal. It is made of either dense EPDM or neoprene. Edge trim can be used almost anywhere a decorative or protective edge is desired. It acts as an edge protector for people from exposed surfaces when they come into contact with it. Edge trim can be used for rubber sheet metal to cover sharp edges. Seashorerubber’s highly flexible rubber edge trim has excellent abrasion, weather, and ozone resistance. Whether you need decorative or protective rubber edge guard, our products are perfect choices for:

  • Sharp edges.
  • Boat.
  • Truck cab.
  • Forklift.
  • Cupboard.
  • Playground and kitchen equipment.

Manufacturing Process of Rubber Edge Trim:

Rubber edge trim is manufactured by two main processes: extrusion and molding.

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Importance of Rubber Edge Guard

Rubber edge trim is versatile, with excellent abrasion, ozone, and sunlight resistance. The edge trim not only stands up to harsh weather conditions but also prevents moisture and sunlight. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor applications. Rubber edge trim is the ultimate protector for various types of edges. It can cover imperfect surfaces, enhance aesthetics, and ensure safety.

Features of Rubber Edge Trim

  • Excellent sealing and insulation properties
  • Excellent flexibility and durability
  • Good weather, abrasion, and ozone resistance
  • Can resist oils, chemicals, and other solutions
  • Easy to install and remove

Types of Rubber Edge Trim

EPDM Edge Trim

Made of EPDM rubber. It is highly flexible even at low temperatures and withstands harsh outdoor conditions when exposed to ozone and sunlight. Flame retardant EPDM is also suitable for buses, trains, and other mass transit applications.

TPE Edge Trim

Made of TPE (thermal plastic elastomer), which is more resilient in cold environments than PVC. But it is more expensive than other edge trim materials, such as EPDM.

Silicone Edge Trim

Made of silicone rubber materials, which work well in a wide temperature range. It has excellent thermal stability and low chemical reactivity.

Our Advantages As A Leading Rubber Edge Trim Manufacturer

  1. Advanced rubber edging trim equipment and extrusion and molding lines: It can improve the production efficiency and expand the capacity of rubber edge trim production;
  2. Leading rubber edge trim manufacturing technology: It can increases the product quality and reduces the cost of edge trim manufacturing;
  3. All products manufactured are in line with the international standard quality management systems;
  4. Supply high-quality products at competitive prices as one of the leading rubber edge trim manufacturers and suppliers;
  5. We have a professional technical team with more than 10 years of experience. They can design custom rubber edge trim seals based on customers' specific specifications.

Installation Guide of Rubber Edge Trim Seal

  • Step 1: Select the right size of rubber edge trim
  • Step 2: Clean the edge where the trim will be applied
  • Step 3: Measure and cut to the desired length and size
  • Step 4: Press the edge seal over the flange to ensure it completely fits onto the edge
  • Step 5: Regularly check the trim seal to keep it in place


U channel rubber edge trim is a protective or decorative trim to cover sharp edges and rough surfaces. It is named after its U-shaped cross-section. It is highly flexible and offers excellent weather, UV, and ozone resistance. We can supply various sizes available to fit different edge thicknesses. Please feel free to inquire with us if you have any interest.

We are a leading rubber edge trim manufacturer and supplier in China. We are committed to providing our global customers with all-in-one solutions to meet your requirements.

The services we can offer include:

  • Customize rubber edge trim according to your samples and drawings;
  • Prompt customer service after receiving your orders.
  • After-sale service team helps you tackle any issue in installation, measurement, cut, tools, adhesives if needed, and maintenance of the rubber edging trim.

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