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Vinyl Clad Weatherstrip

Vinyl clad weatherstrip is a door seal strip enclosed by soft PU foam and a firm PE film cover. Including PU foam sealing strips, intumescent strips for fire doors, kerf door seal weatherstripping, and self-adhesive weatherstripping. The vinyl clad weather stripping door seal strip is widely used in many scenarios. It is suitable for wooden, aluminum, glass, wardrobes, cupboards, etc.

Seashorerubber is a professional vinyl clad weatherstrip manufacturer. We have a variety of colors to choose from to fit your needs perfectly. The vinyl clad weatherstripping can withstand high and low temperatures, tear and wear, corrosion and collision. Excellent insulation from noise, dust, and moisture brings a peaceful and cozy living environment.

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Features of Vinyl Clad Weatherstripping

Weather Resistance

Vinyl clad weatherstrip has good weather resistance. It resists the effects of sun, rain, and other natural elements, maintaining its performance and appearance.


This seal is designed to fill the gaps between doors and windows. It prevents the penetration of air, moisture, and dust. It has better sealing performance. It helps improve indoor sound insulation and prevents energy waste.


Vinyl clad weatherstrip is usually made of durable materials. Such as vinyl and other reinforcing materials. It ensures its elasticity and performance over a long period.

Easy to Install

This type of seal is usually designed to be easy to install. It can be cut and adjusted to fit different sizes of doors and windows.

How to Install Vinyl Clad Weatherstrip

  • Measure and cut: Use a ruler to measure the length of your door or window frame. Use a knife or scissors to cut the Vinyl Clad Weatherstrip to length. Make sure to keep the cuts neat when cutting to ensure a good seal.
  • Clean the surface: Before installation, make sure the surface of the door or window frame is clean. Clean away any dirt, grease, or other debris. This ensures that the sealing strip will adhere securely.
  • Install head seal: Attach the top of the Vinyl Clad Weatherstrip to the head of the door or window frame as directed. Push the sealing strip into the pre-designed notch. Or use screws to hold it in place.
  • Install side seal: Install the side Vinyl Clad Weatherstripping in the same manner on both sides of the door or window frame.
  • Install bottom seal: Attach the bottom section of Vinyl Clad Weatherstrip to the bottom of a door or window frame.
  • Test sealing effect: After installation is complete, close the door or window and check the sealing effect of the Vinyl Clad Weatherstrip. Make sure it fits perfectly without any gaps.
  • Adjustments and corrections: If needed, adjust the length or position of the Vinyl Clad Weatherstrip as needed.

Why Choose Us As Your Vinyl Clad Weatherstrip Manufacturer

High Quality Materials

Our Vinyl Clad Weatherstrip is made from high-quality vinyl as well as other reinforced materials. This ensures product durability, weather resistance and superior performance.

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Custom Design

Seashore Rubber offers custom design services. We can produce Vinyl Clad Weatherstripping as per clients' needs and specifications. This helps meet the special requirements of different customers and improves product applicability.

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Broad Product Line

The products cover various specifications and models of Vinyl Clad Weatherstrip. They can be adapted to different types of doors and windows for indoor and outdoor use. This helps meet the needs of different markets and customers.

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