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Rubber Extrusion Manufacturer

Standard Rubber extrusion Profile made from EPDM, CR, NBR, and other materials by microwave curing process, has strong plasticity, good elasticity, and resistance to compression set, chemical-resistant aging, and ozone. Bespoke rubber extrusion Profile can be produced according to customer samples or drawings. Rubber extrusion is a part-forming process that rubber is fed into a rotating screw inside of a closely fitted, heated barrel such as an EPDM waterstop around a pipe.

MOQ: 500m

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Extruded EPDM rubber is considered to be very cost-effective as compared to natural rubber, and used to many industries as rubber seal profile, some countries also call extrusion rubber seal. With the technology improving, rubber product has changed the raw material, EPDM rubber profile becomes top option to manufacture rubber seal strip and is applied for different industries.