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Window Door Seal Strip

Window door seal strips are mainly used for sealing between the door panel and frame. The seal strips currently on the market are mainly EPDM and TPV strips. Its function is primarily to seal, waterproof, and dustproof. The weather stripping door seal strip must have a solid tensile force and good elasticity. In addition, it must have good temperature resistance and aging resistance.

Now you probably need some high-quality door sealing strips. We have professionals to answer your questions about door and window rubber seal strips. We can also customize it according to your requirements.

MOQ: 500m

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Extruded window seal and door rubber seal are used to prevent water and air infiltration in residential and commercial windows to prevent energy loss. EPDM door seal produced as rubber profiles in standard and custom sizes, it is applied to shower door, cabinet door, marine door, rail vechicel, automotive and etc.Seal strip for building Window, we follow the glass material to provide solid or sponge rubber seal, some glass constructions need coextrusion rubber profile. seashore rubber offer the best option to clients.Seal Strip For building Window has large demand, with puttuing up mansions, house, dormitory and etc, it all need  rubber seal for window to install.