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Building Door & Window Seal Strip

EPDM glass sealing strips and doors are produced by extrusion, which is made of solid EPDM rubber (65SHA) with excellent UV resistance, Ozone -resistance, and Water resistance. Our EPDM foam window seal strip manufactory products are mainly used for the automotive industry, construction, electronics, etc. Window and glazing seals and construction seals could be made in silicone, nitrile, and neoprene rubber upon request. As Rectangular Seals EPDM / CR factory produces kinds of sealing strips for different fields.

MOQ: 500m

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Extruded window seal and door rubber seal are used to prevent water and air infiltration in residential and commercial windows to prevent energy loss. EPDM door seal produced as rubber profiles in standard and custom sizes, it is applied to shower door, cabinet door, marine door, rail vechicel, automotive and etc. Seal strip for building Window, we follow the glass material to provide solid or sponge rubber seal, some glass constructions need coextrusion rubber profile. seashore rubber offer the best option to clients. Seal Strip For building Window has large demand, with puttuing up mansions, house, dormitory and etc, it all need  rubber seal for window to install.