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Rubber Seal Strip Manufacturer

Rubber seal strip, also known as rubber strip, rubber seal, or rubber gasket, is a highly versatile rubber material for various applications and industries. EPDM rubber is the common rubber material to manufacture rubber seal strips. It has excellent flexibility, durability, and weather resistance. Seashore Rubber is a reliable rubber seal strip manufacturer in China. We can offer rubber strips, rubber seals, and rubber gaskets. Including adhesive rubber strips, automotive rubber seals, window rubber seal strips, door rubber seal strips, waterproof rubber seal strips, t-shaped rubber seal strips, and u-shaped rubber seal strips. We also offer custom rubber gasket services based on customer drawings, samples, or exact specifications.

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Manufacturing Process of Rubber Seal Strip

The typical manufacturing process of rubber sealing strips includes rubber mixing, extrusion, vulcanization, cutting and shaping, taping, quality control, and packaging.

Rubber Seal Strip Features

  • Highly versatile to cater to various applications
  • Exceptional resistance to weather, chemical, and abrasion
  • Excellent sealing and insulation performances
  • Superior flexibility and resilience
  • Able to work under a wide range of temperatures

Rubber Sealing Strip Applications

Rubber strips are perfect for various applications on door and window seals. Including car door rubber seal strips, waterproof rubber seal strips, shower door rubber seal strips, sliding door rubber seal strips, and garage door rubber seal strips. Rubber seals and gaskets are designed to resist water, sound, dust, wind, heat, insects, and elements. They can offer comprehensive sealing solutions to your home and business projects.

Categories of Rubber Strips

  • Rubber Seals
  • Rubber Gaskets
  • Adhesive Rubber Strips
  • T-shaped Rubber Seal Strips
  • U-Shaped Rubber Seal Strips
  • Flat Rubber Seal Strip
  • Round Rubber Seal Strip
  • Waterproof Rubber Seal Strip

Installation Guide of Rubber Strippings And Gaskets

Step 1: Clean the surface where will be applied to ensure no dust exists.

Step 2: Cut the rubber sealing strip to the desired size.

Step 3: Peel off the backing film and secure the rubber sealing strip to the target surface.

Step 4: Check the rubber stripping and the surface is tightly bonded.

Step 5: Regularly check and replace the rubber strips if needed.

Why Choose Us As Your Rubber Strip Manufacturer?

Advanced Technology

Our factory has cutting-edge rubber seal strip manufacturing technology to produce top-quality rubber strips and gaskets.

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Quality Assurance

We have a strict quality control system. We can ensure all rubber sealing strips are produced in line with the industry standards.

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Professional Team

Seashore Rubber has a highly skilled team. They can help you answer doubts before purchase and tackle after-sale issues during the entire process.

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Custom Service

We offer custom rubber seal strip and gasket services to cater to the specific requirements of our global customers. Including sliding door seal strips, glass window seal strips, shower door seal strips, garage door seal strips, etc.

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