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Custom Plastic Extrusion Manufacturer

Extruded plastic PVC TPE TPV seal gasket strips are widely used on wooden windows and doors. It can achieve water resistance, weather resistance, anticorrosion, and antioxidants. Seashorerubber plastic extrusion company has flexible plastic edge trim for sheet metal and extruded plastic. If you need customization, we can make the products you want according to your requirements.

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What is Plastic Extrusion

Plastic extrusion is a common plastic processing process. This process allows plastic in a molten state to be passed through an extruder. The required cross-sectional shape is formed through the mold. After cooling, the desired plastic product is obtained. This process is mainly divided into the following steps:

1. Plastic Pellet Pretreatment

Plastic raw materials are usually supplied in pellet form. Before extrusion, these pellets undergo a pretreatment step. Typically involves drying to remove moisture. This ensures a high-quality finished product during the extrusion process.

2. Plastic Melting

Pretreated plastic pellets are added to the feed port of the extruder. Under the high temperature and high-pressure environment of the extruder, the plastic particles are melted into a melt.

3. Melt Extrusion

The melt is further compressed and pushed through a heated screw extruder. This creates a certain shaped cross section. This cross-sectional shape is determined by the extruder head and die.

4. Molding

The molten plastic passes through the extruder head and enters the mold. The mold gives the plastic melt the desired cross-sectional shape. The design of the extruder head and die will determine the shape of the final product. This can be tubes, profiles, films, sheets, etc.

5. Cooling

The plastic product formed in the mold is fed into a cooling area. It becomes a solid plastic product after cooling and solidification.

6. Cutting And Collection

After cooling, the plastic products undergo necessary cutting and processing. It is then collected and packaged.

Plastic Profile Extrusion Features

Wide Applicability

This process allows plastic in a Wide Applicability: Plastic extrusion is a processing method suitable for many different types of plastic materials. Including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), etc.

High Production Efficiency

Plastic extrusion is an efficient mass-production process. It can quickly produce large quantities of products with the same specifications.

Various Shapes

Through the design of the extruder head, products of various cross-sectional shapes can be produced. Such as circles, squares, ovals, hexagons, etc.

Continuous Production

Plastic extrusion is a continuous production process. It can continuously extrude long lengths of product. It does not need interruption of production.

Why Choose Us As Your Plastic Extrusion Manufacturer

Extensive Experience

Seashore Rubber has been in the industry for more than ten years. We have extensive experience in plastic extrusion manufacturing. Therefore we better understand the needs and standards of the industry.

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Technical Strength

As one of the top plastic extrusion suppliers in China, we have advanced extrusion technology and equipment. We can guarantee the efficiency of the production process and the quality of the products.

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Customization Capabilities

Seashore Rubber provides customized China plastic extrusion. We can meet customer specific size, shape and material requirements.

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