Top 10 Seal Strip Manufacturers

Seal Strip Ultimate guide explains how and why seal strips are essential in most fields in our daily lives. Therefore, we won’t go for the fundamentals of seal strips in this article. This article describes the world’s top 10 most popular seal strip manufacturers and weather stripping suppliers.

Seal strips are widely popular, so the number of rubber seal manufacturers is also high. Choosing the best rubber seal manufacturers takes a lot of work in this situation. Therefore, we brought you this research list based on product quality, popularity, and customer reviews.

Each seal strip manufacturer heading will include company information and regular and specialized products.


  • Seashore Rubber
  • Trim-Lok
  • Custom Gasket Manufacturing
  • Minor Rubber Company
  • Simolex Rubber Corporation
  • Reiss Manufacturing, Inc
  • Renko Rubber Canada Inc
  • Seals + Direct Ltd
  • Saga Elastomer Pvt Ltd
  • Jiaxing Rubber


10 Best Seal Strip Manufacturers

Seashore Rubber

Seashore Rubber is one of the world’s most popular rubber seal manufacturers, it is also a mature automotive weather stripping manufacturer. They have plenty of collections of different types of rubber sealing strips. Locating at Unit 1706 C Building Suning Mansion No.28 Jingkou RD, Qingdao, CN 266121, Qingdao Seashore Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd proudly serves its national and international customers.

Seashore Rubber has the latest rubber and plastic extrusion lines, injection machines, and detection equipment technology. Regarding the certification, Seashore rubber is certified by ISO 01, ISO 02, ROHS, ROHS of Keltan 855oc EPDM Sponge strip, SGS-20180830 andTS16949-2.

Seashore Rubber is also famous for its quick response to customer support. Their rubber experts are always ready to answer your query. Most importantly, why seashore rubber is the best for seal strips because this company only focuses on manufacturing rubber sealing strips. Therefore, Seashore Rubber promises quality and long-lasting products.

Main Products

  • Rubber extrusion
  • Sponge Rubber Extrusion
  • Adhesive Rubber Strip
  • NBR & Neoprene Rubber Extrusion
  • Rubber & PVC water stop
  • Rubber cord
  • Rubber Tubing
seal strip manufacturer


  1. Exclusive collections of seal strips
  2. High-quality and perfect finished products
  3. Quick Response from Customer Support
  4. The fastest delivery system in the world
  5. Internationally certified


  1. No Rubber gaskets
  2. Limited PVC seals


Our next best pick for seal strip manufacturer is Trim-Lok incorporation Company, which has 50 years of experience manufacturing seal strips. Considering national supplies, Trim-Lok is one of the best seal strip manufacturers in the USA. Located at 6855 Hermosa CircleBuena Park, California 90620, USA, this company also serves its customers worldwide.

Trim-Lok successfully serves different industries such as automotive, commercial work trucks, constructions, HVAC, various product manufacturing, marine, off-road vehicles, power generation, and other types of vehicle industries such as bi-cycle, athletic pursuit, semi-trucks, trucks, and recreational vehicles.

The regular products from Trim-Lok are trim seals, edge trims, rubber seals, locking gaskets, plastic profiles, fender flare, fender flare trim, snap-in seals, foam grips and tubing, etc. Rubber seals are one of the unique products from Trip-Lok.

Rubber seals from Trip-Lok include “D” profile, “P” profile, Ribbed and square profiles, tubing and cord, flaps and corners, LID seals, and pedestal seals.


Main Products

  • Trims
  • Rubber seals
  • Locking gaskets
  • Plastic profiles
  • Snap-in seals
  • Grips and tubing
  • Rubber and Plastic extrusion
seal strip manufacturer


  1. Both plastic and rubber seals are available
  2. Other than seals, trims, gaskets, grips, and tubing are also available
  3. Best rubber and plastic product supplier in the USA


  1. Limited seal strip product collection
  2. This company, rubber seals, serves a limited number of manufacturing industries.

Custom Gasket Manufacturing

Right after Trim-Lok, this company is one of the best rubber seal manufacturers in the USA. This company serves its customers nationally and internationally. It is located at 640 E, Palisade Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, the USA.

Custom Gasket Manufacturing is famous for manufacturing rubber extrusion products and other molding and cutting capabilities. They produce high-quality rubber extrusions, molded rubber products, etc.

This company specializes in all types of rubber compounds and elastomers. The manufacturer’s most common rubber extruded products are trim, seal strip, weather stripping, floor matting, tubing and hoses, and vibration and noise reduction. Their seal strips are widely popular in most industries.


Main Products

  • Die Cut Gaskets
  • Molded Rubber Products
  • Rubber Gaskets and seals
  • Rubber extrusions
  • Sponge Rubber Extrusions


  1. Both gaskets and Seal strips are available from this manufacturer.
  2. Company capabilities also include different cutting services.


  1. They have limited seal strip collections.

Minor Rubber Company

Similar to Custom gasket manufacturing, Minor Rubber company also manufactures all rubber products. With 100 years of experience, Minor Rubber Seal Manufacturers Company manufactures all rubber products for most industries. It is located at 49 Ackerman St, Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA.

Minor Rubber Company specializes in manufacturing rubber seal strips. Their rubber sealing strips include D-H-P strips, Sealing strips, Solid strip/cord, refrigerator door seals, window seal strips, door seal strips, u-channels, etc. The common materials used in these products are EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene, and Nitrile. Considering Seashore Rubber Company, both Custom gasket manufacturing and minor rubber companies have limited seal strip collections.


Main Products

  • Rubber Grommets
  • Bumpers, Tips & Appliance Feet
  • Extruded Rubber Profile & Tubing
  • Vibration Isolation Mounts
  • Rubber Bellows and boots
  • Grommet Inserters
  • Modular Bellows
rubber seal manufacturers


  1. Famous both for molding and extruding
  2. All types of rubber products are available
  3. Serves most of the manufacturing industries from agriculture to marine and aerospace


  1. Limited seal strip collections
  2. There needs to be more than the seal strip gallery for visitors to the website.

Simolex Rubber Corporation

Similar to Seashore Rubber Company, Simolex also focuses on manufacturing rubber seal strips. Therefore, this seal strip manufacturer can provide versatile designs of seal strips. Simolex Rubber Corporation is located at 14505 Keel Street, Plymouth, MI 48170, USA. This company has 20 years of experience manufacturing rubber seal strips and providing services for thousands of customers worldwide.

The markets Simolex Rubber Corporation serves the most are Solar, Food and beverage, lighting, refrigeration, marine, Agricultural OEM, Building and construction, textiles, containers, etc. Similar to Seashore Rubber Company, Simolex is also looking for new uses for silicone rubber seal strips.


Main Products

  • Seals and gasket
  • Conductive silicone products
  • D, E, H, J, L, P, SQUARE, Triangle, T, V, Y shaped seal strip
  • Weatherstripping
  • Surgical tubing
  • Rubber cords
  • O’rings
  • Food grade products
seal strip manufacturer


  1. Excellent collection of seal strips
  2. Custom design quotations are available


  1. The company website is not well organized
  2. Customer Support is also not satisfactory

Reiss Manufacturing, Inc

Reiss Manufacturing, Inc. is our last pick from American seal strip manufacturers located in Blackstone, Virginia, USA. This seal strip manufacturer resembles a custom gasket manufacturing and minor rubber company. Including rubber seal strips, this company also manufactures different rubber gaskets and thermoplastic extrusions. With over 80 years of experience, Reiss Manufacturing, Inc. serves its customers worldwide.

Extruded seal strips include custom standard profiles, rubber tubing, cords, door seal strips, window seal strips, adhesive seal strips, EMI/RFI insulating profiles, etc. Typical shapes include D-E-P seal strips, rectangles, U-channel, cord, and other customer profiles, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Above all, Reiss Manufacturing products are certified by ISO 9001, 2015, and the Blackstone, Virginia plant.


Main Products

  • Extruded Products (Rubber gasket, seals, and tubing)
  • Molded Products (O-rings, Silicone bands, insulative rubber)
  • Fabricated Products (metal-fabricated, laminated rubber, adhesive applications)
  • Calendered Products (silicone rubber sheets)
seal strip manufacturer


  1. Famous for mixing plastic, rubber, and metal fabricated products
  2. The website is well-organized
  3. Customer service is also satisfactory


  1. No Custom Seal Strip designs are available
  2. Few Seal Strip Groups

Renko Rubber Canada Inc

Our next best pick from Europe is Renko Rubber Canada Inc, which has over 50 years of experience manufacturing quality sealing systems and molded parts. As a weather stripping supplier, this company is also a famous seal strip supplier in Europe. Locating at PO Box 339, Montreal, Quebec, H3Z 2T5, Canada, this company also has an excellent reputation for serving international customers.

Renko manufactures different Weather stripping seals, extruded seals, door seal strips, window seal strips, bulb seals, foam strips, etc. This company specializes in Weather stripping products. The weather stripping products include rubber molded windows, window and door PVC seals, aluminum windows and doors, greenhouse insulation, etc.


Main Products

  • Weather-stripping
  • Concrete and PVC Pipe Gaskets
rubber seal manufacturers


  1. Specializes in Weather stripping seals and gaskets


  1. Other seal strip types are unavailable

Seals + Direct Ltd

Our next best pick from European manufacturers is Seals + Direct Ltd, which has years of experience providing seal strip services in the automotive, marine, and manufacturing industries. Like Renko Rubber, Seals + Direct is a famous seal strip supplier in most European countries. This seal strip manufacturer company is located at Unit 6, Milton Business Centre, wick Drive, New Milton, BH25 6RH, UK.

The popular products from Seals+ Direct Ltd are window rubber seals, caravan and motor seals, rubber extrusion, sponge seals, edge trims and seals, automotive seals and trims, water-tight door and hatch seals, adhesive seal strips, tubing and hoses, etc.

This company has a vast amount of stocked products. Therefore, small or large quantity orders are welcome to this company. Like Seashore Rubber Company, you can get the CAD catalog attached to every product, which is an excellent solution to design requirements.


Main products

  • window rubbers seals
  • caravan and motor seals
  • rubber extrusion
  • sponge seals
  • edge trims and seals
  • automotive seals and trims
  • water-tight door and hatch seals
  • adhesive seal strips, tubing, hoses, etc.


  1. Similar to Seashore Rubber, this company also specializes only in seal strips of different materials
  2. This company also provides various sealants, tools, and miscellaneous items as the other products
  3. The products gallery on the website is well-organized


  1. No rubber or PVC gaskets are available
  2. Limited Plastic seals

Saga Elastomer Pvt Ltd

Saga Elastomer is one of the most popular seal strip manufacturers in India. This company is famous not only for domestic but also for global supplies. This company is an ISO-9001-certified company that has manufactured seal strips for over 20 years. However, Saga elastomer is located at Plot No.6, Dewan & Sons Industrial Complex, Aliyali Village, Taluka Palghar, Maharashtra – 401 404, India.

Saga Elastomer served the shipping industry, mining, water distribution, power distribution, Oil and gas distribution, automotive, and transportation.


Main Products

  • Seal strips & Insulators
  • Bumpers and trims
  • Fenders & ports
seal strip manufacturer


  1. Versatile collection of seals for all sorts of industries
  2. Excellent communication with the customer service


  1. Although this company has a comprehensive range of collections, finding the appropriate product model isn’t easy.
  2. The unorganized product gallery

Jiaxing Rubber

The last best pick in this ranking is Jiaxing Rubber, which specializes in manufacturing seal strips. Jiaxing Rubber is located at Changzhuang Development Zone, Chengdong, Wei County, Hebei Province, China, and has served customers for over 15 years.

This company combines seal strip research and innovation. They integrate the production and distribution of insulating materials, silicone rubber, automobile parts, door and window seals, and other relevant items.

Compared to Seashore Rubber, this seal strip manufacturer has a limited collection of seal strips. They have categorized the products into six categories: silicone rubber, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, PU, and PVC seal strip.


Main products

  • Seal Strips
  • Thermoplastic TPE
  • Adhesive sealing strip
weather stripping manufacturer


  1. The website is simple and easy to operate


  1. A very few seal strip collections
  2. Custom sizes are not available


Final Thought

Finding the appropriate rubber seal manufacturer for your business takes time and effort. Seal strips are essential for weather stripping and air and water-thigh protection. Thus, the number of manufacturers throughout the world is many.

Considering all the aspects, Seashore Rubber seal strip manufacturer is the best because it specializes in seal strips and is versatile in design requirements. The popularity of seashore rubber in the market is undoubtedly admirable. The website of this company is easy to operate. Besides, every product has a different CAD design, which helps customers with bespoke design requirements.